How Older People Can Embrace Technology And Improve Their Lives

Technology is normally associated with the young and the trendy. Cell phone and computer companies market the gaming and music abilities of their phones and computers. The phones come in fashionable colors with hip ringtones and flashy features.

Older people are seldom interested in all this, but the basics of technology, without all the extras, can come in very handy for older people. The elderly of today didnt grow up in a time where technology was as essential as it is today. They are scared to experiment and use technological devices such as computers and cell phones. That said, there are many elderly people who are quite competent in using their cell phones and computers but they are in the minority.

Technology can add to the comfort of the elderly and it can allow them to stay independent for much longer. The explosion in the technological device market has been phenomenal. If you can think of something to make your life easier and more comfortable, you are almost certain to find it.
While many of these devices might be unaffordable to a lot of elderly people, a basic computer and cell phone is within reach of many elderly peoples budget.

A cell phone is a wonderful device that allows older people to stay in contact. There are cell phones on the market with bigger buttons and screens that make it easier to use. Sending text messages is a daily occurrence in almost everybodys life. Staying in contact with loved ones and family or friends is very important in older peoples lives. Receiving a message from a loved one can brighten up a lonely persons day.

The advantages of computer technology to the elderly are more important than what most people realize. What is there that you cant do over the internet? Elderly people can be in control of their own finances by using the internet banking services. For someone who finds it difficult to walk or stand in queues, internet banking is a wonderful tool. The elderly person wont have to rely on others to get to the bank and they wont have to go through all the distress of actually visiting the bank. It wont only have an impact on the elderly persons life, but also on those responsible for driving them around and assisting them in these tasks. Many online shops provide an online grocery ordering and delivery facility as well.

Independence is the one aspect in the life of the elderly that should be nurtured and technology can do that.

New Technology Could Increase Fertility Treatment Success Rates

The fertility treatment industry and the medical field in general are no strangers to new technology making its way into the field. Innovative procedures and treatments are introduced consistently in the medical industry, with research being conducted every day to help improve the lives of people and, in the fertility field, to help couples conceive.

In vitro fertilization may be a staple among assisted reproductive technologies, as many people have become familiar with the procedure that combines an egg and sperm in a dish in a laboratory so that an embryo may form and be placed in the woman’s uterus where she is expected to carry it to term. With innovations in the field, the success rate of IVF has increased consistently through the years.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis allows doctors to determine if any genetic defects exist in embryos used in the in vitro fertilization process. By diagnosing genetic disorders in embryos before they are used in an IVF procedure, many scientists and doctors believe that this has helped to cut down on genetic defects at birth and has improved the success rate of IVF.

Still, there are those looking for other ways to increase the in vitro fertilization success rate. Using a procedure called Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (Array CGH), scientists believe that the new technology will increase the success of fertility treatment.

In this procedure, about 8 to 10 cells are removed from a blastocyst embryo on the fifth day following retrieval. The cells are then tested, which many believe has led to an increase in the IVF success rate. The procedure may require a couple of weeks before results may be obtained, which requires that the embryos are cryo-pressed and transferred in another treatment cycle. Research is still being done regarding this new technology in fertility treatment, including whether there are any adverse effects on the embryo throughout this process.

Couples and patients who are interested in this new technology and other fertility treatments should speak to a medical professional at a fertility clinic in their area for more information. In cases where couples have gone through several treatments with no success, exploring other options may be helpful. For couples and patients new to treatment, utilizing a proven treatment may be the best option. Of course, this is a decision that couples must make amongst themselves and with the guidance of a medical professional in the fertility services field.

The New Electric Transmission Technology Has Been Launched By The Research Of The Korea Organization

Recently, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology which name is KAIST and Korea Railroad Research Institute which name is KRRI has jointly improved a power wireless transmission technology which is different from the traditional technology of the power cable manufacturer. This kind of new technology can provide a stable 60kHz and 180kW wireless power transmission for the railways and other mass transit systems.

The wireless transmission technology which could replace the power cable such as rg59 with power cable and utp cat5e could provide with the stable wireless power transmission for rail and other mass transit systems.

According to reports from website, this technology has been called the Wi-electric locomotive system which abbreviation is OLEV. The locomotive which has been loaded with OLEV should not enter the special charging station or replace the battery. Either in the process of moving or docked anywhere it can receive wireless power. On the other hand, its battery size is only one-fifth of the traditional electric locomotive. Meanwhile, the OLEV electromagnetic field should be in line with international standards.

In 2011, the electrical bus which has been loaded with OLEV prototype and rail coal cars has been solar panel manufacturer developed by the KAIST. In that time, this system is capable of providing with the car with 20kHz and 10kW of electricity with 85 percent of efficiency.

The engineer from website has said that the OLEV can be used for more extensive transportation system. The expert from KAIST has already told the interviewer that they will improve the systems power transmission density which would been more than 3 times. On the other hand, they will also reduce the size and weight of the power receiving module. However, the main components such as power supply and the cost of the receiving system of OLEV would also be cut. This changing would let this equipment become more commercialize.

It is reported that the KAIST and KRRI will continue to improve this technology. The reporter rg59 with power cable from website king-tone has also said that rail coal car test for this technology will be launched in May this year. In July, these two organizations would carry out urban road tests and the high-speed railway would be held in September.

This kind of new technology would be the new breakthrough for the energy transmission such as the carrying for the electric. However, the traditional technology such as the power cable would be abandoned in the near future. However, this is the problem for time passing. Nowadays, if people want to purchase the high quality power cable, the high reputation power cable manufacturer king-tone would be the best choice for them.

Innovative Technology And Gadgets Which Has Changed The World

Old technology paved the way
Technology is something that makes our world change in ways it hasn’t before. Science isn’t just a job, or profession. It’s something we all have deep within us. As our bodies and our thoughts evolve, we accomplish new things and it’s then that science begins to change what we know as life and what we wish to achieve. Just as in the past, there are thousands of discoveries and changes within the field of science that are having a great effect on the world. Imagine older generations without cars, without telephones, without computers. When humans took science by the reigns and accomplished so much within decades, everyone and everything began to change for the better. It’s these inventions and gadgets that we’ve created that serve as stepping stones to greater things.

Aside from what’s happened in the past, how about what’s going on now, and the many inventions, gizmo’s and science that is altering the world today? It’s definitely a possibility that inventions today are happening more low key, without the drastic factor that they had before, but they are still happening quickly and effecting the world more than you probably realize. Take the iPhone and the iPad into example, both hugely important technologies just created recently. They’re both extremely innovative, magnificent creations that are starting to catch the eye of not just consumers, but electronic companies as well. Suddenly there are several copycats of the iPhone and iPad beginning to be mass produced, as well as other products that are attempting to rival Apple.

New Technology is making the future
Now you might be thinking, these inventions are nothing compared to the creation of the car, the phone, and other monumental moments in human history. It may even seem like production is slowing down, or capabilities are reached and we’re not discovering anymore life changing technology. Well stop, because that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Just take the latest production, the 3D HD flat screen television which are now pencil thin, and compare those to older television produced just years ago. You could make a similar comparison to regular DVD’s and Bluray. These are small adaptations that are sparked by an evolving world in science. These inventions might not be drastic enough for you, but consider them as once again, stepping stones for the future.

In fact, science has already evolved today and discovered inventions that would be as life changing as the phone or car. It’s unfortunate that with any new technology, there are still worries. What is the most dominant concern that inventors face today? There’s no disagreeing that it’s money and business. Money drives everything and if there is profit to be made, it will be put into production sooner. However, sometimes the world isn’t ready for things immediately. One excellent comparison is electric vehicles. Despite the fact we’ve made them, tested them, and are starting to sell them, not everyone is buying them. It’s a slow process to transform people into wanting new things. They’re going to analyze it and find that their gas car sounds better, drives stronger, and is more attractive. Now these are significant cons that electric cars face when compared to gas, and their cons that developers will need to address in order to help the world. Maybe it will take time for science to create a mean sounding electric engine, and that’s the exact moment that electric cars will spark and spread throughout. You can’t ever have a sure answer with business, but its these changes that show science is moving even quicker than it was generations ago. It’s these defining moments in life that we’re breaching the capabilities we thought we had and going beyond our beliefs in science. Spaceflight offers a whole new realm of capabilities for mankind, and just imagine what we can accomplish there. What we’re doing right now with science is what’s going to help us get into space and potentially allow us to travel to new galaxies, find new planets, and one day maybe meet different life forms. No one could ever fathom how incredible those discoveries would be. These types of incredible discoveries aren’t things that would just effect our daily life like phones and television has, they’re things that would change how we think, change our beliefs, change everything we know.

Technology – A Threat To Children

Because of the widening range of our technological equipments nowadays, leaving children alone in their houses can be considered as a threat to their future. These technological devices such as the television, computer, radio, cellular phones and video games which are usually sources of information, communication and recreational activities can be couriers of violence to the young minds.

The contents of the television nowadays are more devastating and excruciating than ever and at any period of the day, a child can turn it on and view violence, obscene languages and malicious acts. These scenes can be seen in almost every channel including those so-called children’s networks. Even the news programs, though it is not their intention, also portray several indecent scenes. These news may be political news, business news,
insurance news or even sports and all of these can cause a slight change on an innocent child’s way of thinking.

The computer and internet which are very helpful upon giving information mostly about businesses, insurance quotes, company profiles and other things, when used in a wrong manner can be extremely dangerous too. Malicious websites, intense videos of rampages and even the people whom they chat with are absolutely portals of evil that continuously pollute their minds and add up to the main sources of cruelty.

The cellular phones which are greatly known for their contribution in making communication easier can brainwash the minds of children in many ways. The modern way of text messaging, for example, weakens the child’s mind upon determining the correct spelling of a certain word or worst, can be used upon exchanging impertinent languages without their parents knowing.

Considering these facts, a single question pops out of our minds, “what can we do to save them from the world’s wickedness?” It is almost impossible to stop these gadgets and equipments from reaching the young minds so what is the best thing to do? A lot of studies say that parental guidance is really the major answer for this question. If it’s possible, never leave your child alone at home because if you do, they will become more exposed to these threats. Accompany them while watching movies, television shows, surfing the net or even if they are just listening to the radio. Stay on the look out for violence and other harmful scenes and always get ready to explain to them what they actually are and that they should never be influenced by those things.

Family bonding is also one good solution. Rather than allowing our child to go out and play with other kids, try to think of amusing and enjoyable things to do together. Remember that a harmonious family relationship plays a big role upon nurturing the child’s way of thinking and outlook in life.

Yudhvir Malik, Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Electronics & Information Technology,

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Assistive Technology Needs Assessment In The Elderly

Is assistive technology right for you? Planning and assessment are important parts of deciding whether to use assistive
technology since it can interfere with your current services or the way in which those services are provided.
This assessment is most thorough when it involves many people within your spectrum of support. For instance, if you have
trouble communicating or are hard of hearing, you may wish to consult with your doctor, an audiology specialist, a
speech-language therapist, or other elder care provider to identify your
specific problem and determine the plan that will best address your needs. If assistive technology is a part of this plan,
your team can help decide which devices are appropriate for you, choosing the most effective tools at the lowest cost.
Training to use the devices chosen may also be included in your plan.
When you’re considering assistive technology, it’s helpful to look at both simple and complex solutions to find the one that’s best for you over a range of time. Complex, high-tech solutions may be more expensive, but they’re usually more adaptable if your needs change over time. Simple, low-tech solutions may be cheaper in the short-run, but they aren’t as adaptable. Before purchasing any expensive assistive technology, make sure it can be upgraded to change with your needs and upgraded as improvements are designed. Here are some questions to ask when considering assistive technology for elder care:

Which tasks do you need help with, and how frequently do you need help?

Which types of assistive technology will enable you to be most independent?

Is there a more advanced device that addresses more than one of your needs?

Does the manufacturer have a preview policy so you can try out the equipment and return it for credit if it isn’t
what you need?

How do you expect your needs to change over the next six months?

Is the equipment up-to-date?

Will it likely be off the market in the near future?

Which kinds of assistive technology are available that meet your needs?

Which types of assistive technology have you used before, and how did those devices work?

Will you always need help with a certain task, and can the device be adjusted to fit your needs as your condition changes?

Another important aspect of deciding whether you’d like to use assistive technology is cost and financing. Currently, no single private insurance plan or public program will cover the entire cost of assistive technology under any circumstances, but Medicare Part B can cover up to 80 percent of the cost of equipment that falls under the category of “durable medical equipment.” This includes devices that are “primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose, and generally are not useful to a person in the absence of illness or injury.”
Some state-run Medicaid programs also cover some assistive technology. This may help you, but it will not cover the entire cost of buying an expensive device like a power wheelchair.
Other options to pay for assistive technology are private health insurance and paying with your own funds. Paying
out-of-pocket is generally a viable option for simple items like modified eating utensils, but most senior citizens need assistance in paying for more complex devices. Another option is finding discounts, grants, or rebates from not-for-profit organizations or companies that want you to try a certain product that you might not otherwise consider. If you’re looking into this option, you may want to be careful-businesses with commercial interests have the potential to be fraudulent.
Since private health insurance does not cover the entire cost of this equipment, you may want to look into subsidy programs, which can provide some kinds of assistive technology at a reduced cost or for free. For more elder care help you can simply refer to our website at:

Moems Device Technology

Micro-electro-opto-mechanical system (MOEMS) is an emerging technology which has become one of most popular technology. It adopts MEMS of photonic system with internal micro-mechanical light modulator, micro-mechanical optical switches, IC and other components. The MOEMS technology features miniaturization, multiplicity and microelectronics and has a seamless integrating the optical components with electrical parts. In brief, MOEMS is further integration for system chip. As it is compared to large-scale opto-mechanical devices, MOEMS is smaller, lighter and faster (with higher resonant frequency), and can take mass production technology. When it is compared to waveguide mode, this kind of free space mode has the benefit of lower coupling loss and smaller crosstalk. Photonics and information technology changes directly contributed to the development of MOEMS. Nowadays, information technology develops rapidly and brings constant renewal in photonics. The demand for increasing data rate and more excellent performance of new generation device stimulates MOEMS and optical interconnect need.

MOEMS devices, according to their working principles, can be classified as interference, diffraction, transmission and reflection-type, and most of them adopt reflection-type devices. In past few years, MOEMS has achieved tremendous improvement. In recent years, the increasing high-speed communications and data transmission greatly stimulates the developing and research of MOEMS technology and related devices. Some MOEMS devices with low loss, low EMV sensitivity and reflective light with low crosstalk high data rate have been developed.

Besides VOA simple components, MOEMS technology also can be used in tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), optical modulators, tunable wavelength photo detector and other optical active devices, which optical Cross Connect to filters, optical switches, programmable wavelength optical add / drop multiplexer (OADM) and other optical active devices.

In the filed of information technology, the key problem in optical application commercial light source, besides single chip (like thermal radiation, LED, LD, VCSEL), the MOEMS light source with active devices is focused more attention. For instance, as for tunable VCSEL, the the emission wavelength can be changed by changing the length of micro-mechanical resonator to achieve high-performance WDM technology. The related integrated circuit is MC010.

The Best Ways To Market Technology

Less than 20 years ago the majority of consumers did not negotiate cell phone plan rates, check to verify if their new software came with free updates, or even use Google to look up a local diner. But in the past ten years it has become difficult to imagine a life without these modern conveniences. It is fair to say that peoples reliance on these technologies is a clever combination of good products, competitive pricing, and a great deal of ingenious marketing.

While now the selling points of a cellular phone may be obvious, during the first inception of this product cell phone companies had to do a great deal of marketing. In 2010 as even deeper technology comes to the forefront, it may seem difficult to market things such as search engine marketing, biometric technology, voice command products, or even contactless keyboards. What I will illustrate in this article are simple, familiar ways to market new forms of technology to the masses.

Search Engine Marketing Web Advertisements
The yellow pages, billboards, telemarketing, and printed collateral were once the main staples of marketing a new project. Now, websites and search engine marketing play a major role in getting users face-to-face with your product. Consumers use search engines instinctively to learn more about a product before even contacting the provider.

Google, what some refer to as the worlds most popular search engine, has garnered millions of dollars in advertising funds for just a well-placed advertisement that consists of just a few key words.

Why do people continuously buy ads using Google AdWords? Because they created a market where users consistently rely on Google for information. Using this leverage, Google uses a simple right-hand column and a small piece of their main column to provide online ad space.

How did search engines like Google get millions of people to invest in online ad space?

Slow Inception
Do we remember search engines without ad space? Slowly but surely search engines began to slowly introduce small, simple changes that didnt drastically interfere with how the user would ordinarily interact with the product. When marketing your technology you can slowly introduce the new option to make consumers used to seeing/experiencing the product before a formal introduction.

Free and Paid Components
While your pricing structure may seem very sound, and you need certain funds to cover business expenses, offering something for nothing is often a good way to get people to trust you and rely on your free services. Once people get a feel for your company through free content, demos, etc. they will come to associate your company as a company that cares and as not just about its bottom line. When you slowly incorporate your paid components people may be more willing to respond. For instance, using a search engine is free, but there is a fee to advertise or use special components.

Biometric Technology

One of the main players in the biometric technology market is M2SYS Technology, an award-winning biometric firm that offers fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, and iris recognition technology. While some may associate fingerprints with government operations, M2SYS has found a way to infiltrate the market and be on the forefront of making things such as finger vein recognition a part of many seemingly unrelated industries such as law enforcement, church management, point-of-sale (POS) systems, membership administration, and workforce management.

How did they do this? M2SYS used a hybrid combination of standard market techniques, search engine optimization, and social media to achieve their success.

Email Marketing
M2SYS utilizes a unique combination of email correspondence to open the communication lines between company and client. Rather sending a standard, three column newsletter, M2SYS creates dynamic content that encourages users to both read and interact, resulting in a unique user experience.

M2SYS uses a web-based email solution to send emails about special promotions, press releases, latest updates, free seminars, test products, tidbits on the M2SYS staff, simple greetings, and more to remain a transparent company that cares about interactivity with its clients.

Direct Mail Campaigns
While some businesses may incorrectly rely solely digital communication in todays time, some fail to see that a well orchestrated direct mail campaign may be exactly what it takes to get their technology into their desired market. M2SYS sends mailers to demographics that may not respond as well to email marketing. Vertical markets such as churches and non-profit organization receive dynamic mailers from M2SYS that prompt the recipient to contact the company.

Social Media Management
Perhaps one of the areas where M2SYS is most active is social media management. M2SYS uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Delicious, and more to stay in contact with their users on a personal level.

Following M2SYS on social networks gives clients an all-access pass to what is going on behind the scenes here M2SYS. Fans and followers gain insider knowledge regarding their latest announcements, new software releases, newest biometric devices, special promotions and discounts, fan page only marketing materials, videos, and much more.

Manage Information Technology Better With It Service Balanced Scorecard

IT service management is a practice for controlling information technology system with its philosophies focused on the point of view of the customers. Years before, this was centered on their internal organization and the technology that they use. As things change, evolve and progress, providing focus on the customers became the priority. The discipline is not about the proper usage of a product or the technical specifications of the system; it is focused on the framework of the activities related to information technology and the relationship of the IT personnel with the users and customers. Thus, there is no other way to measure the efficiency of the management process than to use IT service balanced scorecard. Since the BSC is not only concerned with the financial details of a business, you can utilize this tool to effectively gauge how well the supervision of the IT services is carried out.

In order to direct the use of the IT service balanced scorecard in this department, there is a need to first align the organizational strategy with information technology. There are some things that you should avoid though when implementing this type of BSC. One is an IT focused view of the performance of the IT department. You should also stay away from measures that hardly contribute to the success of the company, the deficiency in defining the standard metrics and being over-dependent on business tools.

The most important thing that you should remember when using the IT service balanced scorecard is the integration of the business strategy with IT service management. There are six traits that successful scorecards share in the field of information technology. The first one is that it is simple. The simplicity in the presentation makes it easier for the viewers to understand what the document is about. Simplicity also denotes that there are not more than 20 metrics for the whole organization already. They should be written using non-technical language so that everyone in the company can easily grasp what the organization wants to measure.

An advanced scorecard explicitly links itself to the strategy of information technology. This means that it should be firmly paired with the strategic planning process so that it can aid in tracking the progress of the strategy against the objectives and goals. Executives should also be broadly committed to the full process. Both senior IT professionals and business managers should participate in the whole scorecard process including the design and the ongoing phases.

The metrics in the computer network support BSC should be relatable throughout the entire company. To achieve this, meetings and discussions should be held prior to the selection of the metrics. This will lead to consensus in metrics definitions. Aside from the main four perspectives of the typical BSC, the IT service balanced scorecard includes two more. Information security pertains to metrics that check the remediation efforts of the firm for the known and common vulnerabilities. The other is about metrics that measure the enterprise initiatives, which will then highlight the contributions of information technology in initiating strategic importance.